captures the whole! A class focused on the ingredients of Vocal Production: Air, Flow, Resonance, Oral sounds, Dimensions, Interaction, Tempo, Energy and how we can teach/practice them all together. This method gives pictures and ideas to sing more efficiently using integrated motor skills. Demonstrated by exercises and warm-ups.

The Ballad Passion

Come across with a vibrant but natural interpretation-plan! Giving power to the highpoints and keep a ballad musically moving forward. Finding the nuances of the emotional message. Demonstration chorus or quartet will give the class even more depth.

The Barbershop Thrill

Demonstrating the Barbershop craft and differences from other choral singing. For new singers and new directors in the Barbershop world.

Checklist for Music Selection

What do we need to find out about our abilities before we pick a new piece of music? Basic level.

The Elements and You

Discovering the four Elements and how you can use them as a tool for vocal unity, visual enhancement, rhythmic sensation, dynamics and emotional message. Practical activity.

Explore, Energize and Express

Through a variety of exploring exercises we polish the blending of voices, vocal energy and ways to express ourselves. By using our individual strengths and differences we inspire each other to develop an inner ear and an outer sender. Demonstration group/volunteers required.

In the palms of your hands

Directing techniques for beginners or advanced. Personal coaching in front of chorus or through video-recording can be provided.

How to Stay the Best Me?

Perspectives on the Directors role and a time to reflect on our job. What do I do and why do I do it? What are my needs and how do I communicate them? What can I expect and how can I let go? What keeps me motivated? Discussions and self-analysing.

The Life of Rhythm

The class focuses on rhythmic application such as pulse, backbeat, syncopation and the essential subdivided beats. Demonstrates the differences in rhythmic emphasis according to music style.
We follow the journey of one typical rhythmic challenging song from idea to result.
We share and discuss the traps that we are exposed to when dealing with keeping a tempo steady.
Ideas, exercises and practical guidance are provided.

The power of feed-back

Learn the power of giving feedback with success. We are using Role-plays to demonstrate.

Priority Check List

A guidance to lead and coach the singing skills. For section leaders and assistant directors.

PVI – step by step!

A guided hands-on session for section leaders and directors to practice PVI:s.

Speech Therapy Approach to Singing

Speaking habits can build or weaken your singing voice. Use speech therapy to strengthen and support the best in your own vocal possibilities.

Timing is Everything

Improve the synchronization skills. Understand the common traps and how to deal with them. Ideas and exercises are provided.

Tune that Chord!

Analyze chord structures and how to balance them. Get a basic easy version of the Pythagorean Tuning system. For singers/music staff with a basic knowledge in music theory.

Vocal Production I, II, III, and so on!

Warm-ups for all levels of the vocal production. Healthy voice training integrating breathing, relaxed phonation and resonation. Guided sessions with instructions about how our voice works and what the warm-ups should help us focus on.

The Vocal Tool-box

Do you really know how much you know? Share the best tools that made a difference for you! A practical experience where the crowd share their expertise in all kinds of areas! Give and take, guided by my input. For section leaders, assistant directors and directors.